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At SJBPH, we believe in providing programs that reflect the needs of the counties that we serve. Assessment and Planning uses community feedback and data to create programs that address local and regional public health needs. A&P also uses this information to predict future population health issues and solutions. This information helps our agency ensure that each person we serve can reach their highest potential for health.


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As a result of the Colorado Public Health Act of 2008, San Juan Basin Public Health is required to collect health data and input from community members and stakeholders and to create a Community Health Assessment (CHA) for Archuleta and La Plata counties. With completion in 2018 of its Community Health Assessment (CHA), SJBPH has created a five-year Public Health Improvement Plan (PHIP).

See our current CHA and PHIP by clicking on the the flip boxes below.

Our Assessment duties also include:

  • Program evaluation
  • Ongoing data collection within SJBPH and community as a whole
  • Participation in integrated state, local, and national surveillance system(s) that quantify public health and environmental problems and threats

In determing community health problems, priority populations, and potential threats to the public’s health, SJBPH plans what strategies are needed to engage partners and improve health for all. The Public Health Improvement Plan has seven goals:

  • Provide a baseline by which to monitor change
  • Identify emerging issues
  • Help the community set health priorities and focus resources
  • Provide facts upon which to base programmatic or organizational decisions
  • Help partners to plan effective, collaborative interventions
  • Increase the ability to secure new funding
  • Support advocacy for policy changes
Communications is responsible for disseminating the public health information that is important to the well-being of residents and visitors, as well as telling the stories of our programs and the lives they touch. APC also informs the public and key stakeholders the results of the Community Health Assessment and local Public Health Improvement Plan so as to inform community policies and ensure health for all.

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Community Health Assessment

2018 Community Health Assessment

Public Health Improvement Plan

2019-2023 Public Health Improvement Plan (PHIP)


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