Assessment, Planning, and Communications (APC) is a core public health service put in place to identify, evaluate, and understand conditions of public health importance, including: chronic and communicable disease; environmental hazards; health disparities; determinants of health; and injury.

APC helps determine what strategies are needed to improve the health of all, public health priorities in the communities it serves, and the appropriate means in communicating this information to our communities.

SJBPH has launched its next Community Health Assessment, with the goal of completing the process and releasing its Public Health Improvement plan by mid-year 2018. The Community Health Assessment includes numerous engagement opportunities for local community members to provide feedback on public health issues.

  • Share your contact information and express your interest in participating in the assessment process. Please include Community Health Assessment in the subject line of your email.


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Assessment & Planning Director | 970 335 2045

Communications Director | 970 335 2044

Assessment & Planning Specialist | 970 335 2048

Communications Specialist | 970 335 2025

APC Services

Community Health Assessment

Published in 2012 in partnership with Mercy Regional Medical Center and Pagosa Springs Medical Center.

Health Priorities Selection Report

The most significant health issues in 2012 and determined primary focuses of the Public Health Improvement Plan (PHIP).

Public Health Improvement Plan

Five-year public health improvement plan for Archuleta and La Plata counties, approved by SJBPH Board of Health in 2013.

Thriving Colorado Dashboard

These dashboards give a snapshot of both chronic disease and behavioral health in La Plata and Archuleta Counties.

The Numbers

health alerts sent to community and partners last year