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Animas River Spring Runoff Update

Colorado’s winter snowpack has begun to melt, and river flows throughout the Animas River watershed are on the rise. Every spring, runoff transports naturally occurring sediments downstream. Some of these sediments originate in the San Juan Mountains and are naturally high in certain heavy metals. This may cause the river to display a cloudy, turbid appearance or a change in [...]


Prevent Animal-borne (Zoonotic) Disease

As summer approaches, San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) reminds residents that the risk of contracting certain animal-borne diseases increases. Zoonotic diseases are more common during warm weather months when humans and animals are frequently in close contact. SJBPH stresses the importance of controlling the presence of rodents and mosquitoes around homes as well as wearing insect repellant and appropriate [...]


70 years of Local Public Health; Looking Back and Changing Our Future Together

The theme for Public Health Week 2018 (April 2-8), Changing Our Future Together, is an interesting one, given that San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) recently celebrated its 70th anniversary by looking back over the agency’s history in the region. Our anniversary party highlighted interesting and notable public health events in the region over the past seven decades. What amazed [...]


State and Regional Cases of Hantavirus Reported

Over the past month, one case of hantavirus has been reported in Denver, Colorado in addition to two reported cases in Farmington, New Mexico. The risk of hantavirus increases as warm weather continues and residents begin their spring cleaning early. While most human cases are reported in spring and early summer, hantavirus can be contracted year-round. Hantavirus is carried by [...]


Public health works to protect your water, air quality

In the Four Corners, we love our world-class mountains, deserts, forests and rivers. Most people worry about water and air quality in this context- are we protecting our rivers from the impacts of growth, agricultural practices, and historic mining? What am I breathing on my mountain bike ride? As important as these questions are, don’t forget about questions closer [...]


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