Nurse-Family Partnership

The Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program at SJBPH provides first-time mothers with support in parenting their children from pregnancy through the child’s second year through a series of home visits. Registered nurses and the first-time mom (together with fathers and other family members, if available) engage in activities during each home visit that line up with the three main NFP program goals:

  • Improved Child Health and Development
  • Improved Maternal Life Course Development
  • Improved Pregnancy Outcomes

This program is available to first-time mothers who enroll during pregnancy. Women must live in La Plata, Archuleta, or San Juan counties and meet financial eligibility guidelines. Women enrolled in Health First Colorado (Medicaid) or WIC are automatically eligible. Call NFP for more eligibility requirements.


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One of the three main goals of the NFP program is improved child health and development.

  • Help parents provide more competent care of their children in the first two years of life
  • Teach parents how to care for their children and provide them with a positive home environment
  • Teach parents how to nurture their children
  • Help parents create a safe environment, both within and around the home, where their child can live and thrive
  • Teach parents safe and consistent practices of child discipline
  • Help parents get proper health care for their child

Ideally, visits begin early in the second trimester (when mom is 14-16 weeks pregnant). Registered nurses visit their clients weekly for the first month after enrollment and then every other week until the baby is born. Home visits are weekly for the first six weeks after the baby is born, and then every other week through the child’s first birthday. Visits continue on an every-other week basis until the baby is 20 months. The last four visits are monthly until the child is two years old.

One of the three main goals of the NFP program is improved maternal life course development.

  • Teach young mothers to keep their lives on track and develop a vision for their own future
  • Help the mothers make reasoned choices about the partners, family and friends who are involved with their child
  • Help mothers plan future pregnancies
  • Help mothers continue their education and reach their educational goals
  • Help mothers find adequate employment

One of the three main goals of the NFP program is improved pregnancy outcomes.

  • Help clients obtain prenatal care from their physician
  • Help clients reduce their use of cigarettes, alcohol and illegal drugs
  • Teach clients about healthy nutrition during pregnancy

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