In an effort to address the issue of suicide, a number of state, regional, and local organizations, agencies, and schools have come together to provide a  venue to share information and resources, as well as present opportunities to receive feedback from community members. The Suicide Prevention Community Summit is regarded as a kickoff event with other community-based activities to follow in a more sustained, long-term effort.

The summit will highlight a suicide intervention training appropriate for all community members, led by a qualified suicide prevention trainer. Additionally, break-out sessions will be conducted for specific groups such as parents of elementary-aged children, seniors, LGBTQ youth, and others. There will be a number of local support organizations sharing resources as well as opportunities to share ideas, suggestions, and questions through the “feedback gallery walk.”  Activities for children (6 years and older) will be provided by Boys and Girls Club of La Plata County and Spanish-language interpreters will be available. Light snacks will be provided.

SJBPH is seeking a high level of engagement from all members of local and regional communities to ensure that future suicide prevention efforts are based on needs unique to local communities and identified gaps in services, as expressed by participants. SJBPH supports the sentiment “it takes a village” understanding the positive impact that individuals and groups outside the family have not only on children, but individuals of any age, across the lifespan. Through efforts like the summit, SJBPH advocates for a society which meets all of an individual’s needs.