Assessment, Planning, & Communications

At SJBPH, we believe in providing programs that reflect the needs of the counties that we serve. Assessment and Planning use community feedback and data to create programs that address local and regional public health needs. This information is used to predict future population health issues and solutions and helps our agency ensure that each person we serve can reach their highest potential for health.

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  1. Assessment

San Juan Basin Public Health collects health data and input from community members and stakeholders to create a Community Health Assessment for Archuleta and La Plata counties. SJBPH completes a comprehensive Community Health Assessment at a minimum every five years. The assessment includes primary and secondary data, quantitative and qualitative data, perspectives from a wide range of community partners and stakeholders, and ensures a wide variety of measurements are used to complete a comprehensive Community Health Assessment. The Community Health Assessment informs a comprehensive Public Health Improvement Plan, a five-year plan driven by priorities identified by the community.

Assessment duties also include:

  • Program evaluation
  • Ongoing data collection within SJBPH and community as a whole
  • Participation in integrated state, local, and national surveillance system(s) that quantify public health and environmental problems and threats
  1. Planning
  1. Communications