Oral Health

Did you know that good oral health improves your overall health? It's true-good dental health is tied to the improvement of all health outcomes for all ages.

Oral health affects our ability to eat, speak, smile, and show emotions. Oral health also affects a person's self-esteem, school performance, and attendance at work or school. Oral diseases-which range from cavities and gum disease to oral cancer-cause pain and disability for millions of Coloradans each year. The SJBPH Regional Oral Health Specialist program serves La Plata, Archuleta, Montezuma, San Juan, and Dolores counties, and aims to improve oral health outcomes for all residents.

Mother and Daughter Brushing Teeth
  1. School-Based Dental Program

The school-based dental program provides preventative dental services to children ranging from pre-k to high school. Southwest Colorado has many rural communities where access to dental care is limited and numerous barriers to care exist. By providing these services at school, parents and guardians do not have to take time off work and students spend less time away from school. If you'd like to sign your child up for services, please read the Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF) and fill out the Dental Consent Form (PDF) and return to your school nurse

Free services are provided by a Registered Dental Hygienist and include:

  • Oral Health Instruction - Education on brushing, flossing and healthy eating
  • Dental Screening and Referrals - A hygienist will evaluate the teeth and soft tissue for decay and other dental needs and make referrals as necessary. This is not intended to replace regular visits to the dentist, but rather to supplement them. Screenings at an early age help children become more comfortable with the dentist.
  • Fluoride Varnish - Fluoride varnish is a dental treatment that can help prevent tooth decay, slow it down, or prevent it from getting worse. It is painted on the teeth with a small brush and takes only few seconds to apply. Fluoride varnish can decrease cavities by 33% and has been proven to be safe and effective.
  • Sealants - Sealants are a thin plastic coating placed on permanent molars around ages 6 and 12 because that is when they begin to erupt and are usually free of decay. Applying dental sealants to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth can prevent cavities by 80%.
  • Dental Cleaning - Also called prophylaxis, dental cleanings are an important part of your child's oral health and can help prevent gum disease when combined with proper brushing and flossing.

For more information on our School-Based Dental Program, please contact us at: 970-585-6130.

Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities

  1. Cavity Free at Three (CF3)
  1. Cavity Free Kids
  1. Dental Navigation
  1. Community Water Fluoridation
  1. Oral Health Coalition
  1. SW Smile Makers
  1. Oral Disease Prevention