Suicide Prevention

San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) believes in supporting all aspects of a person's health, including mental health. We strive to help local residents feel supported in every area of their lives (school, family, community, faith) and when mental health challenges arise. In this way, SJBPH is working to decrease the rates of suicide mortality and attempts for all individuals in La Plata County.

The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) Local Public Health funding seeks to improve the behavioral health and wellness in these communities through maximizing access to behavioral health preventive services, developing partnerships, and building systems that support community-clinical linkages.

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Suicide interventions are about human connection. Caring for our peers, family members and even strangers is at the root of preventing suicide. Whether it is a systems-level intervention or simply a caring individual starting a supportive conversation with someone who is hurting, we can all play a role in making a connection and possibly, saving a life. Please join us in these efforts.

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SJBPH is leading community-based suicide prevention initiatives in La Plata County using a collective impact process. Using collective impact simply means intentionally working together towards a common goal. Instead of working independently and duplicating each other's work, community members and organizations pool their resources and collaborate to address complex issues. 

Read More About the Collective Impact Model.


Through collective impact, San Juan Basin Public Health has helped community members establish a Suicide Prevention Collaborative in La Plata County. With funding from the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention, the collaborative is working to affect change across 6 pillars of prevention:

  • Connectedness: How connected and supported individuals feel in the community
  • Economic Stability: How well basic needs (like housing and food) are met within the community
  • Education and Awareness: Reducing mental health stigma and offering opportunities for the community to learn how they can help
  • Access to Safer Suicide Care: Healthcare practices related to suicide prevention
  • Lethal-Means Safety: Safe storage of firearms and medications
  • Postvention and Bereavement: The aftermath of a suicide attempt or loss

Learn more about the La Plata County Suicide Prevention Collaborative.

  1. Mental Health Promotion Efforts

Key elements of a suicide safer community involve maximizing access to preventative and behavioral health services, promoting mental health and stigma-reduction campaigns, and conducting ongoing community outreach and training around responding to signs of suicide.

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

Join us in the fight against suicide. A Question, Persuade, Refer training (QPR) is a great introduction to how to respond to signs of suicide for both community members and health and human services providers. In a QPR training, you will:

  • Increase your awareness of suicide as a problem in the community
  • Explore common barriers to intervening
  • Be informed of risk factors and warning signs
  • Increase intervention skills
  • Discuss motivations strategies for increasing safety
  • Learn to provide resources for further help

Reach out to SJBPH's Suicide Prevention Coordinator for more information on upcoming trainings.

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