Harm Reduction

SJBPH’s opioid risk reduction program is designed to respond to a recent increase in drug use and overdose incidents in Southwest Colorado, which have had far-reaching impacts on the community. The program will respond to the findings of a recent needs assessment of people who use or inject drugs by providing access to overdose prevention supplies, including opioid overdose reversal medication and fentanyl test strips. It will also be used to distribute clean syringes to people who inject drugs. The overarching goal is to provide education and referral to primary care, mental health care, and recovery resources. The program will involve partnerships with Manna, law enforcement, government agency partners, as well as other local organizations.

What is Naloxone or Narcan?

Naloxone (brand name Narcan) is a drug used to reverse an overdose from opioids (heroin, oxycontin, etc.). This drug saves lives.

  1. Tue Apr. 18

    1. Narcan and Fentanyl Test Strip Distribution Event SJBPH will be distributing FREE naloxone and fentanyl test strips and educating people on how to use...
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  1. Ashley Gonzalez

    Opioid Risk Reduction Program Supervisor

  1. Harm Reduction Resources

What are the laws?

Colorado Harm Reduction Legislation

How to use Nalaxone

Where can I get Nalaxone?

Where can I dispose of used syringes?


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