Breathe Easy on Main Avenue

Protect our air. 

Clean air is critical to community health. Tobacco use in shared spaces, especially cigarette and vape use, can negatively affect the health of those around it. Exposure to secondhand smoke and vapor can lead to many health complications, including heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and premature death, and more. Learn more about secondhand smoke here.

The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act protects clean, breathable air in communal indoor spaces, as well as some outdoor spaces, including bars, restaurants, retailers, entryways, bump outs and more (click here to learn more).  Supporting smoke and vapor-free spaces within 25 feet of businesses, store fronts, bump outs, and more is a significant step towards a healthy and happy environment for all who live, work, recreate, and visit our community.

Smoke and vapor can be harmful to both smokers and non-smokers alike. Extending protections to these outdoor spaces ensures the health and comfort of patrons, creating a more pleasant environment for everyone.

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Make sure our community is protected.

Local business owners, residents, and visitors can help the community breathe easy by supporting existing laws that protect clean air. Take the Breathe Easy on Main Avenue pledge to show your support of keeping Main Avenue a smoke- and vapor-free environment.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should join us to create a healthier and cleaner Main Avenue:

  • Breathe fresh air: Enjoy strolling, shopping, and dining in a smoke & vapor-free environment. Let’s create a space where everyone can breathe easy and feel comfortable.
  • Live in a healthier community: By going smoke and vapor-free, we're promoting better health for everyone, especially children, pregnant women, and individuals with respiratory conditions, who can be more susceptible to the effects of second and thirdhand smoke.
  • Enjoy a clean and inviting atmosphere: Smoke and vapor-free zones contribute to a cleaner, more inviting environment. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area, making it a more enjoyable place to spend time with family and friends.
  • Lead the way: By taking this step, you’re positioning yourself, your business, and the community as a leader in promoting healthy living, setting an example for other communities to follow.
  1. Emilia Majewski

    Tobacco Prevention Coordinator/Substance Use Prevention Co-Facilitator

Get involved.

Support existing laws and keep Main Avenue smoke and vapor-free.