Environmental Health

SJBPH's Environmental Health team protects the health of the public and the environment by:

  • Licensing and inspecting retail food establishments to prevent the spread of foodborne illness
  • Inspecting schools and licensed child care facilities to ensure healthy surroundings for our youngsters
  • Regulating, permitting and inspecting septic systems to protect water quality in our rivers and aquifers
  • Operating a laboratory offering drinking water and wastewater testing for bacteria
  • Providing radon education and free radon test kits so residents can understand their level of risk

Appointments & Concerns

Need an appointment with an Environmental Health Specialist or have a related concern? Contact us via email.

Consumer Protection Services

  1. Food Safety

The Environmental Health program is responsible for the inspection of all restaurants and retail markets in La Plata, Archuleta, and San Juan Counties.

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  1. Child Care Facilities
  1. Body Art

Air & Water Quality Programs

  1. Septic Systems

SJBPH's Environmental Health program is the regulatory authority for on-site wastewater treatment system permitting in Archuleta, La Plata, and San Juan counties.

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  1. Water Lab
  1. Water Quality
  1. Aquatic Facilities
  1. Outdoor Air Quality

Healthy Housing Programs

  1. Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring invisible, odorless gas that comes from the natural radioactive breakdown of uranium in soil, rocks, and water. Radon exposure is the nation's second-leading cause of lung cancer and the leading cause of lung cancer in people who have never smoked. Due to the geology of southwest Colorado, homes in this area have higher levels of radon than the national average. SJBPH addresses this elevated risk by providing radon education workshops in the winter, when radon levels are highest, and providing free testing kits.

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  1. Mold
  1. Rental Properties
  1. Mobile Home Parks