There is often a gap between what we imagine about parenting and the reality of it. It can be stressful and challenging even for the strongest of heart, as most parents would agree.

Conflicting information about child-rearing coming from friends, family, doctors and social media is overwhelming and constantly changing. It’s easy to get consumed in the judgment, isolation and insecurity that ensues.

How does one know how to handle every tough situation and why can’t our kids come with a manual to tell us the right thing to do?

SafeCare Colorado at San Juan Basin Public Health is a program designed to provide parents with the support to help decrease stress and strengthen the important connection between parent and child.

New to SJBPH, but internationally recognized, SafeCare is flexible, free, evidence-based and voluntary.

Through SafeCare’s resources, trained providers will work with parents in their homes to help gain the skills and tools needed to keep their living spaces child-proofed, strengthen their relationship with their child and further understand their health needs.

SafeCare is dedicated to supporting and helping families with children ages 5 and younger that might be affected by:

Socioeconomic status.Physical or mental health issues.Little or no family support.Single parenting.Multiple children in the home.Young age of the parent.History of violence or child maltreatment.The SafeCare Colorado program aligns well with SJBPH’s mission to protect human and environmental health by working to support strong families, so that all family members can reach their highest potential for health.

Additionally, the program aligns with the agency’s Public Health Improvement Plan goal of building community resilience by providing tools parents can use to overcome challenges they may face.

From a parent

“Although I have participated in parenting classes before, I always found it difficult to capture the essence of family dynamics when classes are structured outside of the home and do not involve other family members. That is why I love SafeCare! It is PROACTIVE and teaches preventative family maintenance and it takes place in my home where my issues occur. It has been an incredible blessing to have this training and coaching in my home. This has been a very positive experience that has given me much knowledge and confidence on how to care for and bond with my child. I would recommend these lessons to anyone who is a new parent or a caretaker of children.”
– SafeCare parent

If you or someone you know could benefit from extra parenting support, to schedule a no-obligation, introductory meeting or for more information, call 335-2041 or visit